Paper cut art, also known as papercutting or paper cutting, is a traditional form of visual art that involves creating intricate designs and images by cutting paper with precision. This art form has roots in several cultures across the globe, including China, Japan, Mexico, and Eastern Europe.

In paper cut art, the artist uses sharp tools, such as scissors or a craft knife, to create patterns and shapes by cutting away portions of a single sheet of paper. The remaining paper forms a delicate and elaborate design, often with symmetrical or repeating patterns. The finished artwork can be displayed on its own or used as a decorative element in various crafts, such as shadow boxes, greeting cards, and framed wall art.

The art form has evolved over time, and today’s artists may use modern techniques, like laser cutting or digital design software, to achieve intricate and precise cuts. With the fusion of traditional and modern methods, paper cut art continues to thrive as a unique and captivating form of expression.